The current version of robEdit is available as compressed ZIP archive download.

If you execute the program without a valid licence file and/or dongle, the application will run in restricted Demo mode only (see below).

Licence and dongle can be ordered here.
We are sorry, but at the moment we can only accept orders from inside the EU !

File Version History Link
robEdit.zip - Editor Application 1.0.005a display

After downloading and unpacking the ZIP archive, simply copy the contained EXE file ("robEdit.exe") in a directory of your choice. It is not necessary to execute a separate Setup so you can start the application directly by executing the file "robEdit.exe". The program does not alter any entries in the System registry or files outside it's working directory. To remove the application just remove or clear the corresponding working directory.

Demo mode restrictions:
The following restrictions apply if robEdit is running in Demo mode
  • Only three editor files can be opened at the same time
  • Files with more than 1000 lines can't be saved
  • No positions of Semantic errors will be displayed
  • In Cross reference list every second line is not displayed
  • Access counters will only be displayed for three objects
  • Only one Unused object will be displayed
  • The start window (splash screen) can't be disabled

System requirements:
The application runs on every commercially available PC with MS-Windows operation system Version 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10. In theory the program will run under older Windows versions as well but this was not tested.
To install robEdit a free disk space of 5-10 MB is required. Please keep in mind that your robot projects and source files need additional disk space.

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