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is currently in the pre-final phase (RC1 = Release Candidate 1) which denotes a fully functional software that covers all features and capabilities of the final release.
The program may contain minor errors, although there are no known errors at the moment.

As the current release (RC1) is identical in content to the final version, you can order this release like the final version. -->

At the moment we can only accept orders from inside the EU !

To order send an appropriate self-written order to
"order [at] robedit. de"

Please note that delivery to foreign countries or new customers is on advance payment only !

(EU customers please add German VAT which is currently 19%)
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Order-No.: RBE001

robEdit Single User Licence incl. USB-Dongle

Includes free updates for 1 year starting at date of purchase

An USB-Dongle is a small device which is plugged into a free USB socket of the computer. In conjunction with an appropriate licence file, the dongle enables the software to run in un-restricted mode. The licence is bound to the dongle and therefore can be easily transferred to another computer.

In the first year after purchase all updates of the software are included. This includes of course all service updates (error corrections) and also updates to higher program versions.
After the first year it is possible to upgrade to higher versions by paying an upgrade fee. Upgrade fees will be announced when upgrades are published.
EUR 398,- plus additional shipping cost for Dongle

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